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About Us - Maddison Avenue Candles

Maddison Avenue Candle Company, Inc. (MACC) is very pleased to offer you high quality, handmade products, at affordable prices. On our site, you will find our collection of handmade soy candles, bath and body products, home fragrance products as well as other items that are carefully selected to pamper both you and your home.

private label / branded soy candles
Because all of our soy candles are custom made to order, we have more of a flexible approach toward your needs. We offer a full line of luxury home fragrance solutions at both retail and wholesale prices. We are able to private label all of our products for your company's needs. We can even fill your own containers with with our soy wax!
If you are interested in having your containers filled with scented (or unscented) soy wax, please contact us and we will see if your containers are suitable for burning
soy candles. It will help if you can find this information out from the company that manufactured your containers. 

quality assurance
We are capable of hand pouring 100,000 candles per month.  All of oursoy candlesare made using 100% naturalsoy wax. We add the highest quality fragrance oils (and in most fragrances essential oils are included) in our soy candles, reed diffusers, and bath and body products. We want yoursoy candles(products) to actually smell of the fragrance you selected. We will NEVER scrimp on our fragrance oils!

Our goal will always be to provide our customer with a wonderfully scented (and long lasting)
soy candle.

the candles
Thesesoy candlesare hand poured in the heart of soybean country, Charleston Illinois. We started as a family owned and operated business and have expanded to selling wholesale and retail in every state as well as, all over the world. Maddison Avenue Candle Company, INC. (MACC) makes eachsoy candlefrom 100% pure soy wax, premium fragrances, and the finest wicks available.

the wax
The benefits ofsoy wax candlesare simply amazing... and best of all, they are fueled by America's Farmers! Soy candleslast three times longer than petroleum-based (paraffin) candles, and have an incredible scent throw with virtually no black soot (which means no black walls!) Create a cleaner earth by burningsoy candlesmade of soybean! Soybeans are a renewable and sustainable resource grown right here in the USA! Each of MACC's hand pouredsoy candlesare made with wax from 100% natural vegetable soybeans. NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES! Our soybean wax contains NO paraffin and therefore NO petroleum by-products! No animal testing!

the benefits
Due to the fact thatsoy candlesare non-toxic, non-irritable for people with breathing problems (and allergies), are earth and animal friendly, you will feel wonderful knowing you are doing your part to leave a green mark on our environment. After much research we learned of the benefits ofsoybean wax candlesand the success this wax was having for those with breathing difficulties.  These benefits, along with others, was enough for us to switch from paraffin candles!

the wicks
To enhance the purity of MACC soy candles we use only safe, lead-free cotton and paper-core wicks in our soy candles. We NEVER use zinc, lead, or metal wicks, virtually eliminating harmful toxins, carcinogens, and helping to lower the soot.  

the fragrance oils
Maddison Avenue Candle Company strives to offer only the best products, and our fragrance oils are no exception! MACC fragrance oils are non-diluted, 100% full strength, specially formulated for to be used in soy waxcandles. We are continually testing to find the best possible fragrance oils around the world. The scent throw from our fragrance oils is outstanding, or we would not use them. 

our focus
Our focus is fragrance, burn time, and style. We believe Maddison Avenuesoy candlesare truly in a class of their own.

Due to the natural properties of our soy wax and the purity at which we keep it, our
soy candleshave a natural "creamy" look. We choose not to use dye in our soy candles to keep them natural and at a massage oil state. If, however, you desire color to be added, we use only the highest quality dye (soy based), at levels that achieve asoy candlethat is cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing.

Because MACC uses natural and pure ingredients with no artificial additives or dyes, there is a much lower potential for aggravating allergies in people and animals. We recommend that if you know of a potential allergy you may have to one or any of our ingredients or fragrance types, that you consult with your doctor or allergist before purchasing or burning any candle.

The quality of our fragrance oils is what has set us apart from our competition. We never dilute the aroma blends with filler oils or dilution chemicals.  

You would truly be overwhelmed at the testing that goes on to make sure each candle burns perfectly. We have tested EACH candle to make sure we have achieved the maximum burn time. With proper burning (please visit Soy Candle Safety to learn how to get the most out of your MACC soy candles) your soy candle will use every possible portion of wax and you will have fragrance right to the end.