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"soy candles... elusively sensual and subtly energizing"

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If you don't see the answer to your question here, please email us. We will try to get back to within the same business day.  
Your satisfaction is very important to or company!  Maddison Avenue Candle Company manufactures pure andnatural soy candlesthat are clean burning (less soot than paraffin candles) leaving less soot on your walls, furniture, and lungs!  We want our customers happy and healthy.

The soothing aromas from our
soy candlesrelax the soul and invigorate the senses while providing warm glows to any room. Aromas (fragrance oils) are proven to invoke memories, creating relaxation and calming energy. Unlike many companies, oursoy candlesfill your home with rich authentic aromas while providing longer and cleaner burn times. If using one of our body-safe fragrances, you can enjoy the extra benefit of dipping your fingers in the melted wax for a moisturizing experience that is unforgettable.  

Did you know that the sense of smell is the strongest of all five of the human senses?  Fragrances from MACCsoy candlescan trigger memories, relax the mind and invigorate the soul...