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Sophia Bush (of One Tree Hill)
with a Maddison Avenue Soy Candle! 


Pictures provided by Sophia Bush and Kimberly McDonald

Maddison Avenue soy candles were featured in giftbags at a charity event!  Kimberly McDonald (, is a designer who has created an extraordinary and unique luxury brand of fine jewelry featuring geodes and diamond slices, agates and many other beautiful stones. Her creations can be seen on the wrists, necks and earlobes of Brooke Shields, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts & Candace Bushnell, to name a few of her fans. Her pieces sell for between $5,000 and $100,000 privately as well as at Bergdorf Goodman’s, Nieman Marcus and London Jewelers. 

On Thursday, December 4, 2008, Kimberly McDonald and Sophia Bush, actress on One Tree Hill, hosted an intimate three-hour gathering  for 100 guests in the Openhouse Gallery, a private space in Soho. This event will celebrate the launch of Kimberly’s newest line, Ursus Maritimus: a collection of cuff links, pendants and rings featuring tiny pave polar bears mounted inside icy, white geodes. These pieces were inspired by the plight of the Polar Bears and their ever dwindling icescapes and are meant to symbolize a call to action to help their plight. Kimberly has teamed up with Conservation International and 10 percent gross of the pieces sold went directly to this charity to aid the polar bears.
As mentioned, Kimberly and Sophia teamed up with Conservation International (CI), a nonprofit organization that applies innovations in science, economics, policy and community participation to protect the Earth’s richest regions of plant and animal diversity and demonstrate that human societies can live harmoniously with nature. Founded in 1987, CI works in more than 40 countries on four continents to help people find economic alternatives without harming their natural environments. 10% of the retail price of every piece sold goes to benefit CI in their efforts to preserve the environment and protect polar bears.

They personally selected Maddison Avenue Soy Candles as an addition to their ‘Thank You’ bags!   They wrote:  "on par with the high level of quality our client, our venue, and our guests represent, of course, Maddison Avenue Soy Candles came to mind. We love how eco-friendly they are! And of course the green aspect ties in the theme of this event."   The gift bags were given to all guest, top editors, celebrities, and movers and shakers in New York that attended. 

Along with actress and style star Sophia Bush acting as ambassador for the Ursus Maritimus collection, we are proud to include in our guest list actresses Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price, Kim Raver; stylist Amanda Ross; Susan Magrino; Desiree Gruber; Eva Amurri; Helena Christianson, Katie Ford; Amanda Hearst; Jean Vanderbilt; Amy Sacco; Bobby Kennedy & Rory Kennedy; celebrity conduit Teal Cannaday (Roger and Cohen); IMG’s Fern Mallis; Sex in the City author Candace Bushnell; Cape Advisor’s Curtis Bashaw; Writer Jay McInerney & Anne Hearst, designers Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, and Brian Bradley; writers and editors from a variety of fashion and lifestyle magazines including Gotham, Marie Claire, Vogue, Departures, Avenue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, the Daily News, the Observer and Page Six Magazine; and quintessential New Yorkers, conservationists, and lovers of luxury alike.

The décor was entirely white to showcase the new collection. The Openhouse Gallery, a private space in Soho, was filled with white furniture, white candles and white crystals. Openhouse Gallery is located in the heart of NoLita and has previously housed events thrown by Clinique, Ford Models, Piaget Watches and Joni Mitchell.


Pictures provided by

Alicia Silverstone recommended Maddison Avenue soy candles on her new blog!  Alicia featured on her new  The Kind Life is a great website featuring a kinder way to eat!  I have loved reading about her new book too.  Alicia's new book is called  The Kind Diet.  It can be purchased here.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alicia Silverstone for recommending our pure soy candles on her site.  THANKS ALICIA!




Maddison Avenue soy candles are featured in the new book Just GREEN It!  They were also featured at the book launch.  Attending were such guests as Maria Shriver, Sally Jessy Raphael, Lisa & Ron Beres, Chelsea Handler, and Trista & Ryan Sutter, as well as many other media and guest. was a proud sponsor of the book launch event!  Thank you Lisa and Ron Beres!  You are making our homes AMAZING and GREEN!


Maddison Avenue Soy Candles, Soy Lotion, Soy Wash, and Salt Scrubs are featured on the television show on CMT (Country Music Television) about home renovation called Mobile Home Disaster.  Watch for our products on each episode.  Our name will also be in the credits!

Starring comedian Bill Engvall and an eclectic makeover crew, Mobile Home Disaster is a home renovation show like no other. The show begins with a deserving family living in the mobile home from hell.  With Bill's down-home, comedic charm and the unusually attractive crew's expertise, the home is completely reconstructed, making the family the envy of their trailer park.  Mobile Home Disaster is a funny and poignant look at good things happening to good people.  Pictures provided by 

Maddison Avenue Soy Candles were featured in Gift Bags at the 2008 OSCARS Awards! 


 Maddison Avenue Soy Candles featured in the May 2008 Mother's Day Issue of FIRST Magazine For Women!  (page 90)

Maddison Avenue Soy Candles featured in the magazine goddessyRx makeup for women! 

Pictures provided by

RICHARD GERE Loves Maddison Avenue Gardenia Blossoms Soy Candles

Pictures provided by

Richard Gere's publicist buys soy candles for him from one of our clients ( He loves them so much that he told IN STYLE magazine about them! IN STYLE notified our client asking her to send some of the soy candles next day so they could take pictures of them for their magazine!  What is Richard's favorite fragrance? Gardenia Blossoms   

Maddison Avenue soy candles were featured at the William Shatner's 18th Annual HOLLYWOOD CHARITY event.
Special music by Randy Travis!

MACC Soy Candles were features by Portovert Magazine!   They used our boxed 7

For all those eco-savvy brides and grooms to-be, before giving up hope on a green and stylish wedding, you can now turn to Portovert Magazine. Launching in January 2007, the monthly, online magazine will focus on content that empowers engaged couples with inspiring, eco-chic ideas for engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings and other events. But as the description states, “don’t expect to find inspiration for wheat bundled arrangements and DIY hemp dresses here.” It’s the paperless equivalent to Elegant Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, and InStyle Weddings. Portovert will demonstrate how to source these “luxe” looks so they’re environmentally (and socially) responsible. Sounds fantastic to us, now all we need is that…(ahem).

RYAN AND TRISTA SUTTER  love Maddison Avenue Soy Candles! 

A client ( sent our candles to Trista Sutter to be used in the gift bags for her recent baby shower! She sent a personal thank you card to the owners telling how the soy candles were a hit with her guests! Thank you and congratulations to Trista and Ryan on the birth of their new baby boy! THANK YOU GREEN NEST!

Maddison Avenue soy candles were featured in the gift bags at the MTV MUSIC AWARDS in 2005!

Maddison Avenue Soy Candles and Bath & Body Products presented to all Artist at the MTV Music Awards by Goddessy, Inc. Thank you Jennifer of Goddessy!

Maddison Avenue Soy Candles as seen on the TODAY SHOW in June 2006. 

KICK'N UP KOUNTRY Music Festival 2005
Maddison Avenue Soy candles were featured at the Kountry Korral - Lake Bronson , Minnesota 

McGraw-Hill featured a picture of Maddison Avenue soy candles in a book they published about soy candles in 2006!

McGraw-Hill (publishing co.) notified us asking permission for some of our clients soy candle pictures to be used in an upcoming publication they are working on. Those customers have all given permission and credits will be given. They are excited about the recognition of their products (MACC Soy Candles). The photos selected were taken by photographer Jana Johnson.

MACC soy candles were given in gift bags to the Millionaire's Club

Maddison Avenue made the soy candles for the NFL Super Bowl XLII

Maddison Avenue made the soy candles for a special event held by Aveeno (Johnson and Johnson) the past 2 years. 

Maddison Avenue Soy Candle ads in all issues of Country Sampler Magazine 2007-2008 

Maddison Avenue made the soy candles for the Shaklee Corporation in 2005/2006. 

Maddison Avenue makes soy candles for Southern 

Maddison Avenue makes the soy candles for the Resorts and Spas at Walt Disney World in Florida! 

Zimmerman's Catalog sells Maddison Avenue Soy Candles 

Rustic Retreat Gift Box - Dinner for Two, By You: A week's vacation with friends. Splendid. Their house, their food, their bath towels. You want to send a "thank you" that's not a cliché. Solution: dinner - on you. We’ll send a simple, romantic, rustic Italian dinner that will forever seal your status as an exemplary gift giver. This gift-boxed set includes Italian Pasta and Il Mongetto Tomato Sauce, our Paesano Bread, Zingerman’s Travel Oil, a couple of Magic brownies for dessert and a Maddison Avenue Soy Candle to set the mood.

Maddison Avenue Soy Candles are sold at the Lighthouse Key Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida 
Signature Key Lime Soy Candles are available at the spa shop. Light one when you return home and the scent will transport you back to spa bliss.  Soy candles made by Maddison Avenue Candle Co. INC.


Article:  Fill your home with the wonderful scents of Maddison Avenue Candle Co.  -  I just love candles, I usually will burn them every evening. Candles have a way of warming your home any time of the year and the smell of your favorite scent burning (mine happens to be vanilla) is one of the best things ever. I had the privilege to sample a candle from Maddison Avenue Candle Co. and they have the best scents I have smelled yet. Best of all, their candles are made from all natural soy, which means they are healthier for the air your family breathes. I also loved their Country Jar Soy Candles… the lids are rustic and remind you of an old country store. Check them out They are the private label company for some big names such as Walt Disney World! 

maddison avenue is featured on 
April 22nd, 2008

Jeanette of Maddison Avenue had been designing her own site for years before she came to us ready for a new look and new functionality. It didn’t take us long to put together her new look for her fantastic soy candles (she’s pretty much famous by the way — her company has even made candles for Disney) and we had a great time putting it together as Jeanette is possibly the sweetest lady on the planet. For those of you that own your own stores and want to sell candles, they not only wholesale but they allow for you to brand them! They even will print your logo on the candles. It’s a beautiful thing, people.  -- staci brillhart

maddison avenue soy candles as seen on FOX NEWS TV
September 23rd, 2008

Bianca Valenzuela with Fox News contacted me last Thursday through The Mom Crowd about doing a story on me being a Mom Blogger. They came to our house bright and early Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. I am still not sure how awake we were. Bianca and the cameraman were very professional. It was a lot of fun. Daniel wasn’t planning on being filmed, but he was a good sport about it and got filmed anyway.

I think the news story came out well. What you don’t see on the video is that after it aired on Fox News First is that Bianca did mention on air that I have other writers help me and that I am expecting my second baby.

I think we look like a happy family, because they show us laughing a lot. I am also glad that my house looked clean! Daniel keeps quoting the story when she says that “[I am] the Carrie Bradshaw of Mommy Blogging!” Ha! 

They ask you a bunch of questions and film all this B Roll footage and you have no idea what is going to make the cut. I totally stole McKenna’s blog title about “Interviewing a Nanny” and I was typing some random questions. Thanks, McKenna, for letting me use your blog title!  (see Amanda's Blog - The Mom Crowd!) 

maddison avenue soy candles as seen on the Scented Nest
September 23rd, 2008 

We love Jeanette of Scented Nest. Really, we want her to be our surrogate mom. You may remember Jeanette from a few months ago, we also did her soy candle company, Maddison Avenue. So when Jeanette wanted to make over her soy candle supply company, she signed up with us again for round 2. And with a name like Scented nest, of course it would have our favorite accessory….birds!!Click here to shop Scented Nest, soy candle supply company!    --staci brillhart


Fresh and Chic:

I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love withMaddison Avenue. This chic website has great soy candles which are handpoured downstate from me…in homey Charleston, Illinois. So you know that anything coming out of the midwest can’t be bad, right?

According to their website, “With every soy candle purchased you are supporting the American farmer and providing another source of income back to the U.S. economy. Maddison Avenue soy candles are created using the highest quality fragrance oils available (and trust us, we’ve done the research) and are best known for their empowering aromas from top to the bottom. Maddison Avenue soy fragrances are chosen for their soothing aromas that invoke memories, creating relaxing and peaceful energy to create all natural candles and highly scented candles.”

And amen for all of that! These candles are fabulous. We tried Pomegranate Passion and Pumpkin Crunch and Wickedly Chic can happily say that these both are winners. It’s clear that Maddison Avenue chooses their fragrances with the utmost of care and the candles burned beautifully….clean with absolutely no soot at all. Best of all, the candles are made with organic soy wax which is free of pesticides & herbicides.

Other scents to try include Balsam & Spice, Spiced Cranberry & Cinnamon, Latte Grandee & Warm Cinnamon Buns…among many others.

Do you have a blog or website? Maddison Avenue invites you to put their banner on your home page and they will take 5% off of any order. Thinking about holiday shopping? Consider a gift certificate from Maddison Avenue….I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a candle lover.

Maddison Avenue also offers privately labeled wholesale candles. If you have a boutique or spa, consider placing an order as these candles would easily impress your clients. 

Eco Boutique

4035 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Our products were among those featured in a magazine of one of our clients.  Some of the featured items of ours were soy candles and bath and body products.  Great job!  The store looks fabulous!  To see more pictures of their store click here.

See the Light! Soy candles can ‘smoke out bacteria’. BBC News: The traditional soy candle could become the latest weapon against harmful bacteria. Maddison Avenue Soy Candles were featured in this article!  

Line of candles brings light to local neighborhoods
By Bill Marchese • Special to Palm Springs Sun • October 22, 2010 

Stephen Monkarsh (left) owner of Just Fabulous, is seated with interior designer Christopher Kennedy, with couch and scented candles designed by Kennedy in the foreground. (Bill Marchese Special to Palm Springs sun)

Open for business
What: Christopher Kennedy Interior Design

Where: 870 Research Drive, #10
Information: (760) 325-3214,

What: Just Fabulous

Where: 515 N. Palm Canyon Drive, (760) 864-1300 

Someone finally figured out how to make “scents” of Palm Springs' diverse neighborhoods.  Interior designer Christopher Kennedy has created a series ofscented candlesto capture the unique character of each neighborhood. With six candles in the series so far, they are sold exclusively at Just Fabulous, a recently revived and expanded emporium at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Alejo.

The “Las Palmas” candle mixes litsea with basil to simulate the lush and green environs.
Twin Palms,” with its abundance of citrus trees, is made with lime leaf and papaya.
Movie Colony” features tangerine and lavender.
Indian Canyon” blends bajan fig and oakmoss.
Poolside” has a fresh, blue cool water aroma and “Pink Martini” is made with a splash of pink grapefruit.

All the candles are hand poured in the U.S. and made of 100 percent soy vegetable oil, which emits no toxins while burning. The candles come in 14-ounce tumblers or two- or four-ounce travel tins, each with lids to preserve the freshness of the scent when not in use. Kennedy, who lives in the Indian Canyon area, appreciates the neighborhood flowers and decided to bring the scent inside his home. The idea permeated from there to include other Palm Springs neighborhoods. Stephen Monkarsh, owner of Just Fabulous, thought Kennedy's candle idea was “just fabulous,” he said. The store carries part of the Kennedy line of home fashions and accessories, including pillows, a couch and end tables.

Monkarsh's store has been located in the same Corridor shopping center the past few years, occupying 750 square feet of retail space. Three months ago he upgraded to the corner unit with 2,500 feet of space. Along with candles, the store carries a variety of items ranging from books to gifts to greeting cards and more. Books range in price from $12.95 up to $500 each, including the large coffee table tomes published by Assouline Publishing of Paris, France. With a broad line of collectibles and gift items, “we have something for everyone,” Monkarsh said.