Product Info

Private Label Artwork Form - Maddison Avenue Candles

Artwork Guidelines

Acceptable logo / label formats
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Adobe PhotoShop (.psd)
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Microsoft Paint
  • PDF
NON Prefered Formats
  • JPG

(a crisp and clean format of at least 300 pixels.) For your color format please give the code for the color (RGB, CMYK, HTML, PANTONE). Pictures and graphics (photographs) need to be 300 dots per inch (dpi) because it gives good, crisp graphics. Anything less shows poor picture quality. Images taken from the internet won't work as they are generally 72 dpi. If you're using a digital camera for your pictures, make sure the pictures are 300 dpi. This will ensure your labels look the way it was designed to look. Be sure to provide all pantone colors if used. We use PC's. Please make sure all fonts and formats are as such. You can send with or without a bleed. We will need to be able to manipulate the text and graphics to fit the different sized labels used on the different products you purchase. If you are not sending the font file, please convert all text to "outline type". Please feel free to email us with any questions at label department. If you are not sure if the graphic you have will work or not, send us what you have and we will let you know if it's usable. Don't worry! It's much easier than it sounds :)

Label Sizes

Squares and Rectangular Labels
1.5" SQ x 1.5" SQ (rounded corners, white stock)
2" x 2" SQ  (rounded corners, clear and white stock)
2.5" x 2.5" SQ  (rounded corners, white stock, for BOXES)
2" W x 3" H (rounded corners, white and clear stock)
3" W x 2" H (rounded corners, white and clear stock)
2.5" H x 3" W (rounded corners, clear stock)
Square and rectangular custom sizes available on clear and white.

1.375" (white)
1.75" (white and clear stock)
2" (white and clear stock)
2.5" (white and clear stock)
3" (white stock, for 16oz and 8oz salt scrubs)

*PLEASE keep in mind that the clear labels do not show up on the AMBER bottles, or any bottle with color.  White labels is the only option if choosing bottles or jars with color to them.

*After a label design is approved our label department will resize all designs to fit the label stock for each product you order, whether candles or bath and body.  If you are a designer and want to design each label yourself, please send an email with the size and style of candles you are ordering.  We will then let you know what size label looks best.

**The clear are great labels and print in vibrant colors and appear slightly opaque.  White labels are perfect for printing dark, pure colors.  Our white stock is used for labels that have solid colored background, and have little to no white on the labels.  If there is too much white in the label design you may notice they start to yellow over time with certain florescent lighting. Our square labels have slightly rounded corners.  PRINTS IN FULL COLOR.