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Private Label Fee - Maddison Avenue Candles

New Private Label Setup Fee

Choose the one-time private label setup fee if this is your first private label or if you are designing a completely new private label.

Price: $99

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Additional Label Fee

Choose the additional label fee if you are creating additional labels to a new private label line or existing line already on file.

Price: $9.99

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Private Label Example! If you are purchasing and private labeling two different candle jars with two different label designs, you will need to add (1) "New Private Label Setup Fee" and (1) "Additional Label Fee".

Private Label Details

Using our logo or yours, your customers will love our environmentally safe soy candles. Customizing your labels will enhance your uniqueness in the marketplace. Our goal is to make quality products that keep your customers returning time after time!

We print them and put them on your products for you. All of our products may also be purchases without labels. The choice is yours - Maddison Avenue labels, no labels, or YOUR LABELS.

One (1) label design per order. If a different label design is used, you will need to order an “Additional Label Fee” for each different design wanted.

As you know, there are only a hand-full of companies that will private label small-run orders (less than 5,000 pcs. per order) and Maddison Avenue is one of them. We wish to continue with small run orders but will need your help in order to do so.

With small runs the chance for errors increase with each additional variable/special request. We cannot be responsible for errors due to special request orders that are not on separate orders. We are happy to print different style labels but please make sure each different style is with its own order.

With the orders going through different departments in the factory, it is impossible for each department to look up emails for orders with special requests. Not to mention that several emails for an order coming in from different email addresses, which only adds to the confusion.

We only want a smooth transaction with every order and hope to help alleviate errors with the implementation of this procedure. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

If choosing to use PRIVATE LABELS (your company name and logo on them instead of ours) please add the one-time design fee of $99 to your wholesale order. If you already have a logo or design, please send it along with your company information (private label form) and we will create a label with your information to fit your products! Don't worry, if you don't already have a logo we will work with you to create one. Someone from our design department will contact you when your order is close to coming up in the rotation.

Please Note! The label design process does not begin until payment is received and wholesale order placed. You can also order MACC products without any labels on them. Once the label design process has begun, the fee is non-refundable.