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Soy Wax Tarts Subscription Box

Collection : subscription boxes

Part Number: MA-BOX-SWT
Retail Price: $25.00

The Soy Wax Tart Subscription box includes a surprise variety of SIX 100% soy wax tarts! All wax tarts in the box will be hand-poured and the fragrances carefully chosen to reflect either the season, popularity, a brand new launch or an all-time favorite. FREE SHIPPING on all subscription boxes. There is no auto-renewal on subscriptions after the subscription time-frame has expired.

**Soy Wax Tart fragrances will vary month to month. They may not be as pictured.

All subscriptions ordered before the 15th of the month will ship THAT month! All shipments leave the shop between the 15th & 20th of each month. Any order placed after the 15th will not ship until the NEXT month.