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7.5 oz Clear Spa Tumbler Breast Cancer Soy Candle

Collection : susan g komen

Scent : crackling firewood

Part Number: W-SPAT-7C-BCANCER
Retail Price: $13.47
Soy Candle Wood and Cotton Wick
Cotton Wick Only
Soy Candle Wood and Cotton Wick
Wood & Cotton Wick (+$0.70 ea.)
7.5oz Spa Tumber Lid - Chrome Silver by Maddison Avenue Candle Company
7.5oz Spa Tumber Lid - Chrome Silver
7.5oz Spa Tumber Lid - Brushed Silver by Maddison Avenue Candle Company
7.5oz Spa Tumber Lid - Brushed Silver
Clear Lid Choices
Candle Box Kraft Pinstriped (4x4x4) by Maddison Avenue Candle Company
Candle Box Kraft Pinstriped (4x4x4)
Price $4.89
Bean Not Included In Candle by Maddison Avenue Candle Company
Bean Not Included In Candle
No Additional Cost
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Crackling Firewood by Maddison Avenue Candle Company

Delightful blend of Wood, Raspberry, Vanilla. Smells like you're at a campfire! Phthalate free. (Essential Oils: valspice and guaiacwood)

Believe in a Cure!

Susan G. Komen  
Breast Cancer Awareness Candles

$2 Donated   
to Susan G. Komen Foundation (for each candle purchased) 

Pure soybean wax + lead free wicks + biodegradable + environmentally friendly = Green Candles! Creamy & Natural Soy Wax Candles drenched in natural fragrance oils and pure essential oils fused together to offer you a clean burning, natural soy candle.  

Maddison Avenue's BELIEVE IN A CURE! Breast Cancer Candle is available at one price to retail and wholesale customers! According to the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations, one out of every nine women within the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Maddison Avenue Candle Company has created the Believe in a Cure! soy candle to help raise awareness and money for the crusade against breast cancer. This is your opportunity to support research, awareness, and breast cancer victims.   

With your retail purchase of the BELIEVE IN A CURE soy candle, Maddison Avenue Candle Company Inc. will donate $2.00 to the Susan G. Komen organization to help fight against breast cancer. With your purchase of this 7.5 oz. tumbler jar - with your choice of fragrance, you will join us in supporting in the fight against breast cancer. Burn your soy candle where others can see your support of our Believe in a Cure! program.  

Maddison Avenue soy candles may be used as massage candles when purchased without dye! Be a green consumer! Purchase dye-free soy candles to enhance the natural experience. Unscented soy candles are also available. 


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:: available for retail and wholesale ::

7.5oz Tumbler   
+approx. burn time: 65 hours   
+size: 3.5 in. tall by 2.75 in. diameter   
+wholesale minimum: 12 of same fragrance   


+ by mail:  (Send a check) Gifts  
111 Forrest Avenue 1R  
Narberth, PA 19072  

+ online  
Click here to donate directly to Susan G. Komen  

:: other sites of interest ::  
+  National Breast Cancer Coalition  
+  Breast Cancer Org. 

All Maddison Avenue candles include a bean next to the wick.