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Ceramic - Mini Cross Night Light Warmer

Collection : tart warmers

Part Number: TW-0003
Retail Price: $15.00

Ceramic- Cross Plug-in - Electric Tart Melters/Warmers

Use our ceramic, plug-in tart melters to melt your 100% Soy Wax Tarts.  Think safety!  Fragrance your home, office or dorm with our Soy Tarts without an open flame.  Includes an on-off switch and 15 watt light bulb - and plugs directly into the outlet!  Approximate size 5.5 in. height  x 3.25 in. diameter.   

Our tart packs are a wonderful way to mix and match scents.  Packaged in a snap pack that break apart like a candy bar.  Pop 2-3 in a tart warmer for long lasting fragrance. Available for retail and wholesale.